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25 - Assassination from the Bottom of the Sea - The Hunley

February 28, 2020


About this episode: 

At the beginning of the American Civil War, the Confederate States of America were faced with creating an army and, even more daunting, a navy. Starting essentially from scratch, it needed warships to defend ports and harbors, and a merchant marine to establish desperately needed trade with foreign nations. Mr. Lincoln ordered a blockade to negate both objectives, and in response, southern political and military administrators turned to radical naval design and innovation. The construction of ironclads was one response. Another: the very source for this episode. This is the story of the Confederacy’s desperate attempt to break the Union blockade - the first submersible to sink an enemy vessel. This is the incredible story of the H.L. Hunley.


Some Characters Mentioned In This Episode: 

Horace Lawson Hunley

Franklin Buchanan

P.G.T. Beauregard

George E. Dixon

Clive Cussler


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