Threads From The National Tapestry: Stories From The American Civil War

Mission Statement

The last five letters of “history” spell “story” and that’s exactly the means by which history should be taught. Simple name, numbers and dates have no soul. Such presentations fall flat for history is alive and relevant, if for no other reason, because its central characters are human beings. Yes, people who, minus the technology and regardless of the year, are quite similar to us today.

Their timeless stories are hypnotic because, as fate would have it, they lived and participated in events that, not only served as the common denominator for their own existence, but still affects the lives of present-day and future generations.

For this nation, the American Civil War remains our defining moment. Filled with momentous issues and repercussions that still resonate with us today, this series will feature events and people from that period and will strive to make the listener feel as if he or she were there—to show that history is, indeed, a story.

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